3 New Roof Options to Consider

Unless it springs a leak, the roof is usually the last thing homeowners think of. But waiting for a leak to happen is not the way to determine if your roof needs attention. In most cases, a roof needs some type of repair every eight to ten years. With the proper upkeep, replacing the whole roof can often be avoided. If your roof is ready to be replaced, our team at All State Construction. in Los Angeles can help with that. Here are some of the roofing options we can install for you.

Metal Roofs in Los Angeles
Metal is the ideal solution when it comes to your roof. Metal roofing is both lightweight and durable. It isn’t going to rot and when repairs are needed, they are easy to complete. Metal roofing is available in an assortment of colors, so you can choose one that complements your home. With this type of roof, you can sleep easy knowing your roof will protect you from the elements.

Wood Shingle Roofs in Los Angeles
Wood shingles are a popular option when it comes to older homes. They create an aesthetically appealing look which can add to your home’s curb appeal. Wood shingles are designed to last, so unless you live in a high storm area, your roof should be stable for the next 30 years. The one drawback is that shingles are cut by hand making them more expensive than other options. If you decide on wood shingles, make sure to treat them with a fire-resistant compound.

Slate Tile Roofs in Los Angeles
Slate tiles are an ideal option if you are planning on staying in the home for many years. A slate roof can last approximately 50 years, depending on the climate where you live. Slate is both waterproof and fire-resistant so it does not need to be treated. Slate tiles may just be the right investment for you.

If you need help deciding which roof option is best for your home, call us today. Our team of professionals at All State Construction serves the Los Angeles area. We will be happy to help you choose a roof that will protect your home while complementing both its color and design.