Bathroom Remodel: Maximizing your Los Angeles Bathroom Space

When it comes to house renovations – entire home, kitchen or bathroom remodel – there are a lot of decisions involved. And if we talk about functionalities for a powder room or bathroom, it is always better when you have enough storage in it. 

Wherever you may be, and if you are planning for a bathroom remodel in Los Angeles, you will always need a clean area in your bathroom where you can properly store your essentials including toiletries, tissue or other paper products, and linens among others. 

However, storage areas may take up space, which can make the room feel cramped. So in order to avoid this from happening during a bathroom renovation, here are tips to help you design a space-efficient bathroom and to maximize the area that you have. 

5 Tips to Manage and Maximize Your Bathroom Storage Space

1.Build Recessed storage cabinets

By carving cabinets from the cavity of existing walls, you can have a place to store your toiletries without taking up space inside the bathroom. Another example of recessed storage that you can use is the back of your vanity mirror as a medicine cabinet. 

2.Choose a vanity since for your bathroom

If your bathroom is a bit bigger, having a vanity sink in it makes it a good decision. Not only do vanity sinks offer comfort and convenience for your beauty routines, but also they are good for storage for all your essentials in the bathroom because vanity sinks come with a cabinet. 

3.Install towel hooks

Want to keep your bathroom looking neat without towels on the floor or on top of your cabinets? Towel hooks will do the trick. A good bathroom remodel service provider in Los Angeles knows that since wet towels need to be hung, you can install hooks where they’re accessible to you. You can place hooks near the shower, near the sink or even near the toilet. 

Good thing is that you can install hooks where you like them to be. You can place them on walls, in front of your recessed storage cabinets or under hanging shelves. 

4.Install a cabinet for linens and other essentials

If your bathroom has enough space in it, you can also add a cabinet where you can store cloth items for your bathrooms, such as linens, towels or washcloths. If not, it can also serve as an organizer for other essentials like cleaning materials and solutions that you’ll need. 

5.Install bathroom items that offer additional storage.

Aside from those mentioned above, there are still a lot more creative ways on how oyu can make your bathroom look better and wider but still have enough storage space. 

For example, you can add a hanging cabinet or metal basket over the toilet, both for convenience and proper storage of bath necessities. Moreover, there are also bathroom benches and stools that have storage space beneath them. 

Keep this in mind when planning a bathroom remodel

Aside from looking at what you want and need, it is a must to identify who else will be using your bathroom at home. So make sure to consider your family members, their needs and their lifestyle before making a design for your new bathroom. This is because aside from being able to cater to their needs, having a proper and enough storage area for your bathroom essentials makes everything better. What a nice feeling it can be to be able to provide your family with a bathroom that is not cramped but comfortable, neat and organized for everyone’s convenience.