Hire a Great General Contractor By Following these Steps

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Your home is your castle. It is your domain, the place you go to if you want to rest and it is the place that should make your family feel safe. These, among other things are the reasons why your home should be constructed according to your preference. This is also the reason why you need to hire a general contractor that will recognize your vision and will help you realize what you want to achieve in a certain budget. Unfortunately, sometimes, looking for a general contractor that will fit these requirements can be pretty challenging. This is because not every general contractor is equal. They possess different traits- some are positive, some are negative. Some have more positive traits than the others, and vice versa. 

If you hire the wrong contractors, you might just end up losing money and be stuck with a house that is either far from what you envisioned it to be or something that is falling apart. Hiring the right contractor for your house project is important as this is the first step towards building the home that you want and even dream of. To find the right general contractor, you need to adhere to some, if not all of these tips:

Search and Ask for Recommendations

Take out your computer or your mobile device and search for general contractors in your area. Narrow down your search by filtering them based on their rating. Most general contractors have already been rated by their past clients using Google reviews or Yelp. However, do not limit your search online.Ask around for recommendations. This way you can get information about a general contractor from someone who is already in your area. Once you have your data from your online and offline research, you can now start a meetup with these general contractors.

Meet at least three general contractors

Limit your list to three general contractors. Take the list you have researched and follow the filter process stated in number 1. Once you have your top three choices, start calling them one by one and if possible, set up a meeting with them. A personal meetup with the general contractors will give you an idea on their work ethics, pricing, and attitude towards work. An uninspired, distracted or disrespectful contractor can’t be easily detected online and can only be discerned when you talk to them face-to-face.

Ask for their documentations

A proper general contractor should have all of their documentations, including permits and licenses.This will help you assure that they are certified to give you the quality service you need and that they have undergone certain training. This is a necessary precaution to make sure you are not putting yourself up to getting scammed and taken advantage of. In fact, it is wise to also check the contractors license number in your state’s contractor license database and see if it is still active.

Compare their prices

Another aspect to getting the right general contractor is their pricing. After the face-to-face meeting you have had with them, you will mostly likely receive a bid and an idea on how much is the average pricing and if it fits your budget. You will also find out if a contractor is overcharging. Aside from considering the total cost of your project, you should also be vigilant when it comes to the amount of money these contractors require you to pay upfront. Legally, 10% of the project cost or one thousand dollars, whichever is lesser, is the standard charge, so anyone who is trying to charge you more is someone you should be wary of.

Go over the written document

Once you have chosen to do business with a general contractor, there are some instances where you need to make sure everything in your transaction is according to what the contract contains. Make sure to go through its contents numerous times and make sure the specifics of the project are according to what was discussed. Make sure the contract fairly protects both parties. If unsure about the contract, don’t hesitate to clarify and request for revisions if needed.

Trust your instincts

After all of the steps above has been done, you should have a pretty solid inkling about your contractor’s professional and personal character. Keep watch of any red flags that might trigger your alarms and trust your intuition. If you think that the potential contractor is someone you can trust, someone who respects you as a client, your budget, and can see your vision for your home, then that will help you decide who to pick as your general contractor for your home.