Pro Tips for an Affordable Los Angeles Kitchen Remodel

Who doesn’t want a bright and clean looking kitchen? All homeowners would want to have one but let us be realistic that it would cost us a fortune to avail of a kitchen remodel service.  As one of the general contractors for kitchen remodels in Los Angeles, we already have transformed numerous kitchens giving them a new and sophisticated makeover. Not having enough budget to hire a contractor to fix your kitchen must not be a hindrance in renovating your kitchen. With that, we want to share these pro tips on how to successfully get the renovation you wish to do without spending much. 

Inspect and List Parts of the Kitchen that needs renovation

The first step is to determine which part of the kitchen really needs to be fixed. This would help you make the work faster and more efficient. Also, since you have a limited budget, you must consider how much would be the possible cost of the materials you will be needing for the renovation. 

Interior Design Tip: Areas that need to be remodeled are the old ones, with faded colors, and damage or defective parts. 

Repaint the Walls 

Replacing your wall will be costly if your walls are still structurally sound and are in no way in dire need of replacement, then the most efficient solution is to have them repainted. Use a color that blends well with the existing shades in your kitchen. 

Interior Design Tip: Experiment and play with colors. You can choose to paint your wall with a plain color or achieve a lively color by mixing 2 or more paints. 

Get rid of Non-Functional Materials and Appliances 

It’s time to sort out materials placed in your kitchen. Remove things that are not needed in your kitchen to free some space. See what’s stored in your cabinets and pick materials that must be eliminated. 

Interior Design Tip: You can use some of the not functioning material to create DIY materials for your kitchen. 

More Lights

Having more lights would give a new vibe to your kitchen. Put or add more lights on areas that are mostly used. This would help in brightening your kitchen, making it look clean and wide. 

Interior Design Tip: Add more lights in the area where you prepare the food to make the cooking more fun. 

Add Furniture

Don’t let your kitchen be dull and empty. Add some life to it by adding furniture that perfectly blend to your kitchen walls and floors. 

Interior Design Tip: Use simple and basic furniture and remember not to overdo it

Use Plant as Decor

Having a plant in your kitchen would have a big impact on the overall vision of your kitchen. Plants help in making your kitchen lively and fresh. 

Interior Design Tip: Plants are mostly displayed on the kitchen table but you can put some on empty areas. 

Fix Cabinet Doors

Your kitchen remodeling will not be complete without getting your cabinet doors fixed. Instead of replacing it, you can repaint and add or change the doorknobs. This would give your cabinet a new look.

Interior Design Tip: Use paint that will not overpower the color of the walls. And pick doorknobs with simple designs that will perfectly blend with the cabinet doors. 

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