Should I Add a Room to my House? Ask Yourself These 7 Questions to Find Out

Room addition for my los angeles home

Room addition is no small decision. Before jumping into a big step regarding your home, it is important to make sure you have all your bases covered. That is why we have prepared seven questions you can answer to help you decide whether adding a room to your home is a wise decision.

Do I have the budget?

Of course, the number one question you should ask yourself is if you have enough funds to add another room to your home. Construction of an additional room will obviously require materials, manpower, and time. Depending on how you want your desired room to turn out, it is best to create a schedule that will help you keep track of this project. Every project has a deliverable, a timeframe, and a person responsible for each phase of the project. That way, you can easily monitor the different aspects that will affect your budget and adjust as needed. You can also shop around and compare prices so you can make sure the project stays within your budget, but the best way to save time and get all of these done is to get help and advice from a contractor who can help you bootstrap the things needed to get it done.

Will the additional room be a pro?

Another important aspect you should consider is if this room addition will be an advantage for you in the long run. Will it be used by the family for a long time? Will it add value to your home? After all, you will be spending time, effort, and resources on this project. Knowing the pros and cons of adding a room will help you envision how badly you need the room and if you do need it, it will help you paint a picture on how extensive the labor will be, whether you need to build it from scratch or if you need to convert an existing room into a new one.

Are there any permissions I need before I can add a room?

One way of ensuring your room addition will be successful is to make sure you have all the permissions needed in building it. Make sure you are aware of the provisions of your local building permits. This is something you do not have to worry about if you have a general contractor because they usually are the ones who will manage the permitting for their clients.

Should I hire someone to do the work for me?

This will depend on your experience and the complexity of the room you need to be added in your home. Most general contractors can also act not only as your contractor but also as architects to help you design your room’s look. Another option is to hire an architect to help you with a design and your contractor will help you make it a reality. 

What’s my timeframe?

This is as important as the first question because they go hand in hand. The more time a project will take will obviously take a lot more money and resources. This is something you need to discuss with your contractors even before the project will start. This is to ensure the project will be done in a timeframe that is doable for your contractor and your budget. It can’t be helped if there will be unpredictable events in the future so it is best to give some time allowance that will help you get right back on track.

Is additional home insurance needed?

If you want to protect your extension from unforeseen disaster and damage, then you need to have it insured. A new extension to your home will likely add some cost to the coverage of your home insurance. Make sure you have this considered in your budget breakdown and ask your insurance provider for a quote.

Is there any way I could save money?

Preparing for your room addition alone can help you save a lot of money. Get a cost estimate from different professionals beforehand so you will get an idea about how each material or service would cost, and whether it is best to hire a professional contractor. When you hire a general contractor, you can approach them for help and advice when it comes to cutting down the cost.

Once you have answered these seven questions, then you can decide whether you are ready to have an additional room to your home.